The Grove DIY - Skate Jam July 17th 2021 Gallery

Here's to another one!
From Covid and cancellations to pure chaos, the Grove DIY finally hit with a big one. Shout out to the Grove crew for raising over £1000 for Goose Green Solidarity Fund!
Photographer - Charlie Foulkes
Adam Aulaqi, Heelflip


  Adam Aulaqi, Backside Heelflip 
 Lewis Bell, Frontside Smith 

 Theo Hughes - Ollie Transfer 


 Ryan Cunningham, Treflip


 Ryan Cunningham, Big Flip 


 Pete Jamieson, Backsmith


 Pete Jamieson, Frontside Noseslide Front Shuv

Photographer - Alastair Gleeson 

Theo Hughes, Backside Nosegrind


Isaac Guard - Invert 


Dominic Parry - Backside Noseblunt 



Photographer - David Nowak


Isaac Guard - Wallie